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Ec4 Water Conditioner

EC4 Water Conditioners

RainSoft EC4 water conditioning systems are available in various configurations with numerous features to fit your needs. Ask your RainSoft dealer to recommend the EC4 system that's right for you.

The EC4 Series comprise RainSoft’s premium, computer controlled water conditioning systems. Built to last a lifetime, EC4 water conditioners provide dependable performance and an abundant supply of luxuriously softened water throughout your home. They come standard with a smart-feature microprocessor controller that handles thousands of computations per second and responds in real time to the way your family uses water. The computer control keeps track of the water used in the home, and regenerates itself based upon actual water usage. This saves both water and electricity.

  • Function
    Softens, conditions and filters your water to remove calcium and magnesium – the two primary components of hard water.

  • Performance
    The EC4 control valve is self-cleaning for maximum performance and long life. High flow rates assures a consistent, plentiful supply of conditioned water without worry of losing pressure. Powerful, self-lubricating 75-inch-per-pound drive motor.

  • Economy
    Powered by an energy-efficient, low-voltage 24-volt electrical system.

  • Fail-Safe Features
    Exclusive brine valve float system reduces chance of overflow; automatic bypass during regeneration means you always have water; fail-safe tank-within-tank construction. A built-in battery back-up system maintains critical program data in the event of a power outage.

  • Reliability
    Carries RainSoft’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certification information CLICK HERE

How an EC4 water conditioning system works:

Step 1. Downflow Conditioning:
Untreated water flows through the water filter media where hardness-causing minerals and iron are removed.

Step 2. Upflow Backwash:
Resin is "fluffed" to separate solids from the media.

Step 3. Downflow Brining:
System injects the exact quantity of brine made from filter water needed for full-strength regeneration of the system.

Step 4. Slow Downflow Brine Rinse:
Slow rinsing of the brine through the filter media provides deep rinsing action to make sure all salt is removed from the media bed.

Ec4 water treatment

Step 5. Fast Downflow Rinse:
Fast downflow rinse repacks the medium, assuring maximum resin efficiency and removing any salt residue and any remaining traces of rust and iron.

Step 6. Treated Brine Makeup Refill:
A precise, preset quantity of filtered water is used to make a cleaner brine solution for regeneration; other brands use raw, hard water to clean the media bed.



Hydrefiner Drinking Water Treatment Systems come in a choice of models to fit your needs. Ask your RainSoft dealer to recommend the Hydrefiner system that's right for you.

Hydrefiner Drinking Water System are compact, economical drinking water systems that tuck neatly under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of purely delicious water through your RainSoft faucet.

  • Function Provides a dependable source of drinking water in the home.
  • Performance Utilizes a highly compressed carbon block filter made of selected activated carbons to reduce chlorine tastes and odors.
  • Convenience Installs conveniently under sink.
  • Economy Produces up to 830* gallons of drinking water before cartridge replacement is needed.
  • Reliability Unit is built to industry standards and carries a limited lifetime warranty.
Ask your local RainSoft dealer for a Performance Data Sheet for additional information regarding specific claims.
*830 gallons with Filtergard II faucet. 500 gallons without faucet.

How the P-12 Hydrefiner works:

Step 1:
Cold water enters the system.

Step 2:
Water is forced through a tightly compressed activated carbon block filter that has a porosity of only .4 microns.
Step 3:
Unwanted substances are trapped and filtered out.

Step 4:
Water leaves the filter and flows through the system's faucet, providing you with an abundant supply of crystal clear, delicious water for both drinking and cooking.

Ultrefiner Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems are available in a range of models to fit your needs. Ask your RainSoft dealer to recommend the Ultrefiner system that's right for you.

Ultrefiner Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System delivers generous quantities of delicious "bottled water quality" water to you and your family.

  • Function Provides a dependable source of very low sodium "ingredient quality" water for drinking and cooking.
  • Performance Filters out extremely small particles that can slip through less sophisticated systems. The choice of prefilters and postfilters take care of almost any water concern.
  • Convenience Installs conveniently under your sink.
  • Reliability Unit is built to industry standards and carries a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certification information CLICK HERE
How an Ultrefiner Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System works:

Step 1:
Water from your inlet valve enters the system.

Step 2:
Water is forced through the prefilter cartridge that removes particles and polishes the water prior to entering the reverse osmosis membrane.

Step 3:
Water then enters the reverse osmosis cartridge where it is filtered through a spiral-wound, semipermeable membrane.
Step 4:
The resulting highly filtered reverse osmosis water enters a storage tank with a butyl bladder. The tank holds the reverse osmosis water on one side of the bladder and air on the other.

Step 5:
Your reverse osmosis water is finally filtered through the system postfilter and dispensed through a dedicated drinking water faucet.

Clean Station DFS Air Purification

Protect yourself and your family against airborne contaminates

Doctor's Recommend the Clean Station as the World's Most Advanced Medical Grade Air Cleaning System.

  • Better than HEPA Efficiency - 99.99% Collection at the 0.3 Micron Size particles.
  • FDA Listed Class II Medical Device (ISO9001:2 CE CSA UL EMI)
  • Independent Medical Lab Test Indicates:
  • Virus Killing Rate of 99-100%
  • Bacteria Kill Rate of 98-100%
  • Mold/Fungi Kill Rate of 94-100%
  • Plus, this System Included's an Exclusive 8 Stage Filtration System with a Powerful 6 Stage Chemical Adsorption Filter for VOC/Gas Scrubbing
  • Each Unit is INdividually Tested and Certified to be Better than HEPA Efficiency

Clean Station Air Purification

90% of Our Day is Spent Indoors. We Breath in 36 lbs. of DIRTY AIR Per Day!

Indoor Air Pollutants Affect ALL of US - Even the Healthy!

" Asthma Has Increased 160% in the Past 15 Years.
Over 20 Million Americans Have Asthma and Over 40 Million Americans Have Allergies." - American Demographics

This powerful unit is designed with the chemically sensitive in mind. The Clean Station-DFS is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, micro-organisms. and gases for a healthier indoor air environment.

FDA Listed Class II Medical Device.

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