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Bottle-less Cooler Customer Reactions

Company: First Baptist Church of Conroe
Name: Judy Wilson
Location:Conroe, TX
Customer Since:04/14/03
Equipment:BTR10 Drinking water station

Comments:We have been very satisfied with the quality of the water. The service has been great!
Company:  Conroe Tools & Party Rentals
Name:Billy Flukinger
Location:Conroe, TX
Customer Since:07/11/03
Equipment:BTR10 Drinking water station

Comments: We saved a lot of money. Like not having to pick up heavy bottles. Like hot water to make hot chocolate.
Company: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Name: Susan Villarreal
Location: "Conroe, TX"
Customer Since: 10/23/03
Equipment: BTR10 Drinking water station

Comments: The staff says very cold and tastes very good. As a manager it is something I can give to my staff. They always ran out of bottled water or would buy their own. The service is very good.

COMPANY: Wells Fargo Conroe
NAME: Regina Kan

COMMENTS: We always have plenty of cold water and I like that there is no mess.

COMPANY: Wells Fargo Bank The Woodlands
NAME: Mary Page
LOCATION: The Woodlands, TX

COMMENTS: A convenient source of cool water for our employees and customers.

BUSINESS: Woodforest National Bank
NAME: Amberley Lord
LOCATION:Montgomery, TX

COMMENTS: The system is great.  We like having an unlimited water supply without lifting the heavy bottles.

Company: State Farm Insurance
NAME: Tracy Irvine

COMMENTS: I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our drinking water station.  It has a much better flavor than the bottled water we were using before we got this system.  It is a real benefit not changing bottles or storing them in the office.  Also, we never have to worry about running out of water and waiting for them to deliver more water.   We really enjoy the drinking water station and will never go back to bottles.

BUSINESS: Ripley’s Muffler and Brake
NAME: David Ripley

COMMENTS: I have enjoyed both water coolers at my shops.  It has made life easier for me, my employees and my customers.  We definitely don’t miss lugging around jugs of water.  Thank you Bill.

Name: First Bank of Conroe – Stephanie Presley
Location: Magnolia, TX
Customer Since: 09/18/03
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: Great Water!!!

Name:First Bank of Conroe #6- Kari Polllock
Location:Conroe, TX
Customer Since: 09/18/03   
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: Great service.  We don’t even have to call.  They come and service it when it is time.

Name: Rico Martinez
Business:Rockwell Mgmt- Sunset Shadows
Location: Houston, TX
Customer Since: 10/16/03
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: We have had no problems with the system and get good service.

Name: Andrew Herrera
Business: Castlewood Apts
Location:Houston, TX
Customer Since: 10/09/03   
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: Since we have had this system we have good cold water to drink anytime.  We do enjoy this so much.  Thank you for installing it and thank you for your courteous employees. Thank you. Thank you.

Name: Marcy Smith
Business: Suburban Mortgage
Location: Conroe, TX       
Customer Since: 05/30/03
Equipment: GDR10

Comments: The sales & support staff have been very helpful & professional.  We love our machine & are so glad we don’t have to change out bottles anymore.

Name: Debra Hagler
Business: T&S Machine
Location: Cut-N-Shoot, TX
Customer Since: 05/22/03
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: This unit has saved us a lot of money & is very convenient.  There are no longer water bottles everywhere.

Name: Lupe Ybarra
Business: Rockwell Mgmt-Winfield
Location: Stafford, TX
Customer Since: 10/15/03
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: It is wonderful to have cool refreshing water within reach!  The residents & staff love it.

Name:                          Dennis Hansen

Business:                     Preferred Bank Unit #2
Location:                      Houston, TX      
Customer Since:                 08/20/03   
Equipment:                   BTR10
Number in Household:

Comments:                           The system works very well, as claimed by the company.

Name: Denny Buckalew
Company: Buckalew Chevorlet
Location: Conroe
Customer Since: 2/3/03
Equipment: BTR-10   2units

Comments:  Customers and employees both love this water system!


Name: Susan Murillo
Business: Rockwell Mgmt-Resort
Location: Stafford, TX
Customer Since: 10/28/03
Equipment: BTR10

Comments: Thank you for changing the filters professionally.  The technician was very knowledgeable and informative.  My staff is very health conscious & enjoys he type of the water they are being given.


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